RCFEs vs. ARFs

There are many situations in which a person may need assistance in their living situation as they grow older. The most common circumstance is when someone becomes of advanced age and can begin to struggle with daily activities. Other causes may also include medical conditions and disabilities for people of all ages. Whenever someone needs the aid of others in order to do what’s necessary in their day to day lives, they’re likely to need to go to RCFE or ARF living conditions.  What then, is the difference between the two?


ARF stands for “Adult Residential Facilities.” Such facilities have a focus on aiding with daily tasks such as cleaning, grooming, feeding and bathing in cases where someone is physically, developmentally or mentally handicapped, rather than elderly. Any medical assistance is limited to helping residents schedule and take their medications. Any more
difficult medical needs will be handled by doctors only, requiring facility workers to transport the residents as needed. ARFs are for those between the ages of 18 and 59 with disabilities, meaning residents are limited to those who are in need within the area of the facility.


RCFE stands for “Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.” As can be ascertained from the full name, RCFEs are specifically tailored for the elderly, specifically those aged 60 years or older. Many of the tasks taken care of in ARFs are also managed similarly in RCFE, as both types of facilities have a focus on helping those in need through aid with daily tasks.

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