Benefits of RCFEs

It’s always difficult when elders reach a point in their lives where they are unable to fully look after themselves independently. It can be a harsh reality that individuals have to go through when accepting their limitations and a challenging time having to adapt to a new normal. However, making the step to assisted living does not have to be surrounded by feelings of doom and gloom, in fact, there are many options people have regarding their next step in living, with RCFEs being one of the better options out there.

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, abbreviated to RCFE, is a residential care home that serves people aged 60 or over. These facilities provide room and board, housekeeping, supervision, and personal care assistance with activities such as walking, eating, and personal hygiene.

This level of care is best suited to individuals who would struggle while living on their own; however, they do not need constant, 24-hour nursing care. Due to this, RCFEs have a crucial distinction, and that is that they do not require nurses or doctors as part of their staff; however, they still have to meet strict care, and safety standards set by the State and are subject to regular checks to ensure that it’s meeting these standards. It’s for this reason that the process to starting an RCFE in California is difficult, and this is to ensure that there will be a good standard of care provided.

Due to them not being medical facilities, there are some instances where they may not be the most appropriate place to send the elderly. For example, not all RCFEs will be able to provide care for people with dementia, as they may not have the staff that are fully trained and equipped to deal with such a patient. Only the facilities that meet the correct licensing requirements may be able to offer special services, and this is the same for those that require severe medical care.

RCFE living can have many benefits for both the elderly and the family members, though, and provide a safe, exciting, and fun type of living, while also being almost resort-like. Here are some of the major benefits of RCFE living.

RCFEs are a lot more homely when compared to other forms of assisted living, and this can be down to the fact that many RCFE homes have fewer than six individuals living in one facility. This means that residents can have a lot more of their own space, thus making them feel more independent. They are also able to command more attention as they won’t be sharing staff with as many other residents.

More often than not, RCFE homes are remodeled living areas that have been redesigned to be handicap accessible, utilizing modifications such as grab bars and no-step showers. They also have their own bedroom, which can help create a more normal, home-like feel versus that of a more clinical institution.

As the caregivers have fewer residents in an RCFE when compared to other care homes, it means that they can build a more robust connection with their residents, meaning that they can spend more time and attention with them while also building a genuine relationship which can help the resident feel more comfortable in the environment.

You can also expect to have the same caregiver more often than not, adding to the familiarity and making it a far more comfortable experience. For added comfort, as there are fewer people to cater for, it means that meals can be prepared for one’s more personal tastes, even vegetarian and vegan meals, which isn’t always the case in larger facilities.

RCFEs try to limit both the feeling of isolation while also combating the mental deterioration of their residents. That is why a lot of these residencies offer various different activities to keep guests stimulated and stop them from getting bored. Exercise routines and outings are regular occurrences as well as various brain games and sing-a-longs, which residents can decide if they wish to participate.

The caregivers can also help with transport between doctor appointments and other errands, while also being present if required.

RCFEs are really good value for money without sacrificing the quality of care. A lot of the time, the care in these homes can be found at a fraction of the cost of larger living communities, making it a realistically affordable option for many families in the United States. As they’re not medical facilities, it also means placing a loved one in these facilities won’t affect your health insurance.

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